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Book Two: Deviation

Six months after her coronation, the newly discovered seated queen of Altera Realm is finding it harder and harder to conform to the rules. This passionate and brilliantly written installment finds Vilori Princess Syney Andrews in the thick of sadistic Vampire Gabriel's intricate plot. Under the strain of an escalating Great War, Syney must figure out how to get Queen Mellisandrianna off the throne in an attempt to finally bring peace to Altera.

Romantic relationships among the Palace residents rise and fall as secrets are exposed and the people of Altera begin to question old traditions and find love beyond the boundaries of their own races. Hunter is on the front lines with Fern, dangerously close to Shifter territory and deliberately faraway from Syney. This, along with the sudden arrival of a charming new guy in the palace, forces Syney to deal with the many complications of her own love life as she comes to terms with the surprising truth about her birth parents.

All the while, the last Vilori Princess struggles to master the full extent of her powers after learning that she is much stronger than she ever had imagined, and that not everyone in the Village is who they say they are...

Book One: Discovery:

Syney’s life is ordinary until carnival psychic informs her that she will be embarking on an adventure surrounding her real parents. All she’s got left of them is an amulet, the only thing found on her as a baby. The amulet breaks a spell that sent her over 100 years into the future in the Human Realm.

The Altera Realm has been at war for well over a century and is connected to the Human Realm by a portal and no human knows it exists. It is home to the five old and great races—Magic Users, Lycins, Vampires, Daemons, and Shifters. Each race is an entity of their own with its own life purpose, rulers and guarded secrets.

An old prophecy tells that peace can only come through the gracious Vilori Queen. What will happen when human-raised Syney Andrews is thrust into that role? No one is prepared for the consequences.

Things are only going to get harder for Syney, who is feeling a strong attraction to Hunter, from a banished family—and another race. Who can Syney trust, if anyone? Will she go against the law forbidding interracial marriage? Or will she fight to the death for her love, Hunter? Readers will be on the edge of their seats as they find out.

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